Explore Offsite Outlooks Event to Take Place in February 2018


With the development of technology, more and more work is going in to exploring digital construction and what the best strategy is to implement offsite construction strategy. Explore Offsite Outlooks has been developed by BRE and Explore Offsite and looks into how best to integrate digital solutions into their business operations.

The pace of which technological change it taking place shows no signs of letting up. Because of this it is though that the introduction of technology needs to be embraced. A range of other industries have taken the digital step earlier, however the construction digital revolution is thought to be now well underway. With the more widespread adoption of BIM as well as a range of other technological solutions, the combination of offsite manufacturing and digital construction technology offers a powerful new prospect for the industry.

On the 28th February 2018 at BRE in Watford, Explore Offsite Solutions will be looking at the road ahead as the roles and disciplines begin to merge and a new role is created with the creation of a new generation of digital natives who feel BIM is simply business as usual and fully understand the reals meaning of integration, interoperability and design for the manufacture and assembly of construction projects.

At this event in February next year, guests will also hear from John Eynon, who is the Engagement Lead at BIM Alliance and who will give a presentation on the topic of ’Digital procurement, standardisation and transformation’. Duri9ng this presentation, John will discuss digital transformation and standardisation as well as drivers for change, a range of case study examples, the place for the UK BIM alliance and the upcoming implementation of BIM Level 2 in industry.

Explore Offsite Outlooks is a one-day conference and exhibition that will work to create a space for clients and their professional advisers, contractors, project managers and offsite technology suppliers to network while also discuss with industry experts the latest developments in the digital construction and offsite sector.


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