Gavin Dunn Appointed as CEO of Chartered Association of Building Engineers


The Chartered Association of Building Engineers, or CABE, has announced that they have appointed Dr. Gavin Dunn as Chief Executive Officer. Gavin will be taking over the role formally in April 2018 when the current CEO of CABE, Dr. John Hooper, retires.

Gavin has been a member of CABE since 1999 before being appointed to the board in 2014. Gavin is currently the Executive Director at BRE a role that sees his in charge of the global operation an and strategic development of the organisation’s Building Performance business. In order to take over as the CEO for CABE, Gavin will be stepping down from his current position, however he will maintain his positions on the Building Regulations Advisory Committee for the UK Government and the European Board of GRESB, which is a Dutch company that works to assess the ESG performance of real estate assets and investments around the world.

CABE was first formed in 1925 as the Incorporated Association of Architects and Surveyors. The association is a leading body for professionals that specialise in design, construction, evaluation and the maintenance of buildings. CABE have members that practice across the UK, mainland Europe and around the world in both the private and public sectors. The Association also offers the main qualification of Building Engineer which reflects the expertise of its members.

In his new role as CEO of CABE, Gavin will be given the perfect opportunity to raise the profile of the organisation in order to increase its influence with the industry and the Government and have an impact on policy and standards. Gavin will also be in charge of promoting the various different unique roles that the CABE members have in creating better buildings as well as safer and healthier communities in order to improve the environment and economy in order to help the Association to expand their international presence.


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