Glass and Glazing Federation Relaunch Updated Security Glazing Leaflets


The Glass and Glazing Federation, or GGF, has relaunched two updated security glazing leaflets that have been created in order to inform members and those in the industry about the importance of selecting the correct glazing solutions.

The revised “Laminated Glass: Safety and Security” and “Toughened Glass: Safety and Strength” leaflets are available to be downloaded from the Federation’s website. These free to download leaflets are available on the website, and printed copies can be purchased from the GGF shop.

The new and refreshed consumer leaflets are designed in order to give homeowners the basic knowledge that is required in order to know what type of glass is installed in their home and what types of glass would be more suitable. Each of the revised brochures include details of why and where, respectively, toughened and laminated glass should be installed.

The GGF have said that they are consistently receiving queries from homeowners requesting information about how best to ascertain the type of glass that has been installed in their home. The publishing of these revised leaflets now give examples of markings to look for as well as what kind of information that the glazing markings should contain. The information. The collection of all of this useful information in to a free to download leaflet by the GGF is incredibly helpful and will allow homeowners to check any new and existing glazing in order to ensure compliance to Building Regulations and EN Product Standards for thermally Treated Glasses. The most recent amendments to the new leaflets included simplifying the information that is already provided in order to make the wording less technical as well as the provision of example markings and updating references for the newest versions of glazing solutions when needed.

The new leaflet will be equally useful to GGF Members, who will be able to distribute them to their customers, which can help to promote their products and services as well as the importance of security glazing.


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