Housing Boom Planned For London


The building industry is booming in London now that Sadiq Khan has relaxed rules surrounding housing. As reported by the Guardian, the Mayor of London, plans to build over quarter of a million new homes in the bustling capital’s outer suburbs, which fits in with recent housing movements. In the last year the residential market in London has seen a surprising upturn during the second quarter of the year, and there has also been an increase in the sale of luxury properties.

Of course, the new housing won’t be for the rich and affluent; instead the homes are being built with young professionals and families in mind, helping to deal with the housing crisis in the UK. Sadiq Khan said, “I am using all of the powers at my disposal to tackle the housing crisis head on.”

Over 250,000 New Homes In London

The suburbs are now preparing for a large amount of construction after the Major lifted rules surrounding local character in London. This may be a cause for alarm for some people, but Khan is still prioritizing the environment; the housing plan goes hand in hand with a plan to protect the London Green Belt.

The plan is certainly ambitious, but it looks like it will be achieved within the next few years. The new houses will be placed in 13 of the outer suburbs of London, avoiding the city centre which is already heavily crowded. One third of the houses will be built on surprisingly small sites, including in areas where there are unused apartments and shops. Some of the sites are even in used back gardens.

Khan created the detailed plan in 2016, and although many critics were initially concerned about the idea many people have now warmed to it.

The Need For Building Services

Once the houses are built it is extremely important to maintain the properties. Houses can last for hundreds of years if they are properly maintained by professional building services, but if not they can quickly decay and age – and this means that even more money will need to be spent further down the line. For this reason it is important to hire a quality cleaning team who have experience maintaining residential properties.

This housing plan is set to be one of the biggest residential builds in the UK in 2017, and it will transform the lives of thousands people who are living in London. It will also create more work for the construction industry and building services, benefiting the community in various ways.


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