Tricon Foodservice Consultants Looks at Common Mistakes for All Day Dining


Tricon Foodservice Consultants have been looking into all day dining, or 3 meal restaurant. This offering is thought to spell the end of the sensory fulfilling and dynamic meal experience and creating a new way in which a restaurant could be deemed as a success. Determining the appearance of a successful restaurant could be simplified to the being busy and having customers who are inspired to return.

Tricon are the largest specialist foodservice consultancy in the UK and the Middle East. The company has worked with a range of leading architects in the past in order to offer a range of different services such as consultancy, guidance and advice on the strategic, operational and financial issues that are connected to the foodservice and hospitality operations of the built environment.

When looking to design or create a restaurant, ensuring that the layout of the space is conducive to success can rely on design direction and support, a concept that could cover every and any aspect. In order to create a successful venture, Edward Harvey, the Food & Beverage Concept Director & GM of Tricon Dubai has created a list of common mistakes that should be avoided in order to create a successful all day dining experience.

Firstly, it is vital to have strategy as well as vision, as the accompanying business and strategy for the creative restaurant vision is necessary in order to make a business successful. The creation of clear goals and objectives need to be solidified throughout the organisation. Next, it is vital to ensure that the design direction is not dictated entirely by the interior design experts, as there is the risk of a lack of substance that would be needed to create a successful food and beverage sensory experience for guests. Following on from this, there needs to be a concept and direction for the restaurant, with the final design considering the operating meal periods as well as the consumer market, financial modelling and the restaurant food and beverage programming.

Another mistake that is made with the all-day dining experience is the use of a buffet, that fails to create an engaging dining experience, with the delivery of hot and cold structures filled with food and installed with sneeze guards and heat lamps is the go to for international hospitality operators where regionally expectations can differ and it has been widely assumed that the creation of a buffet is better and easier to execute. Finally, a restaurant needs an identity that consumers are able to trust and experience an enjoyable dining experience with. Also, today diners use social media to document and share their experience with a wider audience than ever before, therefore this is the perfect opportunity to create a unique and memorable housing experience.


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