Best Indoor Plants for Your Home Decorating Attempts


The interior design and all the specific elements that you will decide to incorporate in your home have an effect on the general air in the place. A badly chosen item can provoke anger, anxiousness or even physical headaches on a daily basis, just as the right fit can light up the room without the use of electricity.

You might not believe in good vibes, Feng Shui or whatever you prefer to name it. Still, there is no denying that some rooms make you feel like you can play casino games here and never lose a hand, while others practically suck the life out of you. Years of extensive research have identified the presence of various types of plants as one of the main interior design elements to have had an effect on the research subjects. Following is a list of the top recommendable indoor plants you should keep in your home – and with factual proof to support their claims.


 Aloe Plant

A room filled with sunshine is the perfect location for an aloe plant in your home. Under such conditions, the plant grows rather fast and will be able to protect you from all kinds of chemicals from cleaning products that might pollute the air. Apart from that, the leaves from the aloe plant could come in handy in case you burn or damage your skin during activities like cooking, repairing or cleaning around the house.


Peace Lily

The peace lily is the perfect solution for someone that doesn’t have too much of a ‘green thumb’, as it is low maintenance and doesn’t need any extra living conditions. In fact, it is better off kept under a cooler temperature in shade. Still, residents in your home are bound to benefit from its presence there, as it is known to purify the air of all kinds of toxins.


Snake Plant

The snake plant is yet another low-maintenance instance of indoor flora that could survive just fine in any corner of your home. Remembering to water it from time to time is enough to make it grow tall and do its thing – it is known to absorb the carbon dioxide from the air at night and release pure oxygen, making it the perfect bedroom decoration.



Philodendron owners could enjoy its benefits for years at a time, as long as they are able to provide it with proper amounts of water and exposure to sunlight on a regular basis. Despite the gentle appearance of its heart-shaped leaves, the philodendron is a known protector from the commonly found chemical substance xylene.


Red-Edged Dracaena

The red-edged dracaena is primarily famous for the pleasant aesthetic effect it provides. Under the right conditions (which mostly implies lots of exposure to sunshine), the dracaena can grow higher than ten feet and fill up any awkwardly empty space in your home. As for health benefits, owners of the red-edged dracaena plant will experience a toxic-free environment, as its leaves relieve the air of xylene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene.


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