Construction industry needs to join the upward trend in productivity

The latest ONS statistics on UK productivity show construction is yet to turn around productivity levels in line with other sectors.

Last week, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) released the latest statistics on productivity. Across the economy as a whole output per hour increased by 0.8%, however the construction industry is yet to take advantage of improving technology and techniques to increase productivity alongside the rest of the economy. (See below Figure 2).

“There are many simple ways for construction to catch up with the other sectors, and the sooner the industry acts, the better. New technology offers a proven, cost effective way to create efficiencies. myConsole is specifically designed to improve in work winning – creating both time and cost savings across the entire process,” says Phillip Collard, CEO myConsole.

Pressure has been mounting on the sector over the last few years to increase productivity. Analysis and reports, including the Farmer’s Review (October 2016), have led the government, through the Construction Leadership Council, to recently announce a deal in November aimed at transforming productivity.

“Time is running out, construction and pre-construction businesses need to step up and innovate. We estimate myConsole will increase efficiency and reduce workloads by 20%.

Early feedback from our clients confirms that using myConsole will save them a day a week per person in the work winning process compared to their old methods.” Says Philip Collard, CEO myConsole.

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