New Homes for the East Yorkshire

The East Yorkshire-based organisation, Williamsfield Developments, is selling fast its new-build homes in Hutton Cranswick. The reason behind it is that every aspect of the scheme hit the highest quality mark. Every home that is part of the development benefits from solar roof panels fitted in by James Foley Electrical Ltd, triple glazing, and noise suppression between floors. These aspects make them 60% more energy efficient than most of other new builds.

“As well as taking care of all the wiring and electrics, this development has given us a fantastic opportunity to put our solar installation and testing competencies to use – every single home has in-roof mounted solar panels, and it is essential they are up to all up to standard,” commented James Foley, electrician and business owner.

The ethos of Williamsfield Developments values sustainability and Paul Lisseter, the company director, believes that being given a 100% A rating for energy efficiency puts them in the top 1% in the region. It is also the only local developer to offer certified A-rated ‘affordable housing’.

The company puts great price on employing local tradespeople, including James Foley Electrical Ltd: “James Foley Electrical have every competency we could need. With solar certification, not only do they need to have up to date training, they also need to ensure their test equipment is regularly assessed and checked. This is quite an onerous undertaking for any electrical contractor but it gives me an assurance that their work is always absolutely reliable,” said Paul.

It took nearly 18 years for Paul and Joanne Lisseter to obtain permission to start planning the housing development in Hutton Cranswick, but it was important for them to succeed. With more and more young people leaving the area, it is essential that those who stay and those who wish to return will have a place in the community.

As part of their future plans, Williamsfield Developments want to extend the housing scheme with an additional 67 properties. They hope to find more suitable sites so that they could create new homes for local people.


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