New Online Library for Construction Professionals

A partnership led by Architecture and Design Scotland and supported by Forestry Commission Scotland, Zero Waste Scotland, Construction Scotland Innovation Centre, and BRE, features a new online resource platform for construction professionals, architects, builders, and homeowners.

The Materials Library online resource will allow users across the country to access information about construction innovation, sustainable design and architecture, resource efficiency, and low carbon building, as well as compare and discover a wide range of building materials. The digital resource is an addition to the physical library at The Lighthouse in Glasgow.

“The digital materials library is a powerful tool for finding out about sustainable materials and technologies wherever you are. Building on the success of our library at the Lighthouse, I am delighted that more people will be able to learn about building sustainably and benefit from the knowledge, experience and resources of key partners involved in sustainable design and architecture,” said Jim MacDonald, Chief Executive at Architecture and Design Scotland.

The new digital platform will allow its users to browse, search, and compare materials by type, origin, and typical use, view case studies of the materials used in various Scottish projects, as well as find events and training opportunities or download publications and guidance on construction innovation, low carbon building, and sustainable design.

“Innovation in construction products and materials is part of Scotland’s heritage and critical to our future. The creation of the digital materials library means that emerging products and materials can now be showcased locally, and to the world. This excellent resource complements our recently opened Innovation Factory where Scottish businesses can prototype and test their products before going to market,” said Rohan Bush, Business Relationship Manager at Construction Scotland Innovation Centre.

All companies involved in this project are happy they have been able to help with the development of Materials Library and provide opportunities for a larger audience.


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