Primary Engineer Continue to Promote Early Inclusion of Engineering in Education


Primary Engineer was first started in 2005, and has throughout the company’s lifetime worked to promote the inclusion of engineering in education from the earliest possible age. Susan Scurlock is the Chief Executive of Primary Engineer and was released an explanation of the company’s success as well as offering schoolchildren a more hands on experience for engineering.

The methods that have been used by the business to train teachers and link them to the industry while also working to bring engineers in to the classroom have been described by some as a nice initiative. However, over the course of 2017, Primary Engineer has been working to grow up, and become more than just a little initiative, and get more and more of a following. In January, the University of Strathclyde accredited Primary Engineer Postgraduate Certificate in Engineering STEM, which is a part-time master’s level course that takes a year to complete.

As part of the company’s work, teachers interview engineers in order to develop a range of strategies that can then embed engineering in to the classroom and then work to evaluate the impact of these changes. This form of impact research has allowed Primary Engineer to develop their own base and has, as a knock on led to a continued improvement of all of their activities. Teachers have been working together as a part of this research and development from all areas of education, preschool, primary, secondary and college lecturers included.

Primary Engineer has also had an amazing year as it has also featured in the Scottish government’s skills plans and has also begun to work with the Advanced Forming Research Centre at Strathclyde University as well as trade associations, universities, councils and blue chip companies. Primary Engineer is based in Burnley has is also working to develop connections with councils and schools in this area, giving the work carried out by the company a national impact.


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