Returning to work after time away

One in four people are affected by mental health, it doesn’t matter what age, gender or what industry you work in. If you’ve recently had to take some time off for reasons including illness or mental health, then taking the step to get back to work can be tough but just remember there is plenty of support out there to help you. The construction industry can be quite tough and demanding, especially if you’ve been working within the industry for a number of years. If you’re considering a return to work, then here are four tips that can help make your return a success.

Put together a plan

It’s always best to talk your manager or HR team when you return to work, try putting in a plan it will help to make your return a little smoother. You might find that returning to work full time too full on to start, so maybe starting off with part time or flexible hours could be an option that works both for you and your employer.

Don’t be afraid to talk

Mental health might be something that isn’t openly talked about but it’s more common and something that’s important to discuss. Finding someone you’re comfortable to talk to can really help, if there’s a group of you then why not get together regularly and talk about how you’re feeling about work. There might be someone who can offer some insight into how you can reduce the amount of stress you’re feeling and you never know you might be able to help them too.

Get the support you need

Don’t feel as though you need to rush back into the role and responsibilities you were doing before your time off. If it was too much before, then you might find it could build up and be too much again. Talk with your manager or employer about having some support at work, it might be from colleagues or your senior team but having a proper network of support around you will help. It might be worth asking to see if there is any support that they can offer you outside of work, does your benefits package include any health support or cover any sessions. There are also charities such as Mind that are always available to offer any support and advice you may need.

 Change things up

If you feel as though the environment you were in before doesn’t suit you or you might think it could be time for a change then there’s no harm in looking for other construction roles that could be a better fit. You might find that another role could offer you the flexibility you’re looking for and something that might be a better fit for helping support you.

If you’re looking for advice on returning to work, then Randstad have put together some information and tips which you might find useful.


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