2018’s Health and Safety Risks


The Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register (OSHCR) have decided to explore the 5 biggest health and safety risks in 2018 that could damage the UK workforce and businesses.

  1.       AI Introduction

The introduction of automated intelligence in workplaces may cause your employees anxiety and other mental health conditions linked with the fear of losing their job in front of a robot. This has been a popular topic this year and it is a potential factor that contributes to a rise in workplace stress and anxiety.

  1.       Remote and Freelance Employees

The ability to hire a remote or freelance employee is a great opportunity because they can work from anywhere in the world using the internet. Although this is a great opportunity for employers, problems may arise when the remote staff will pop in and out of the office without being properly briefed in regards to health and safety procedures.

  1.       Influx in Digital and Technology Careers

Tech based careers are already very popular and they will continue to grow this year as well. However, the fact that the employees spend a lot of their time sat in front of a computer can cause poor eyesight and obesity. A screen or laptop that has not been set up to comply with health and safety standards may cause neck and muscles strain along with repetitive strain disorder. Additionally, careers that involve minimal movement can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and teamed with a poor diet, obesity.

  1.    Antibiotic Resistance

This year Aussie flu took the UK by storm and many people got affected by it. Healthcare professionals have warned businesses about antibiotic resistance and how certain infections are becoming harder to treat year on year.

  1.    Machines and Risk of Injury

Using machines in the workplace should be done only by those fully trained and equipped to operate it. OSHCR warns of the potential risk to the health and safety of employees when training is not properly in place.


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