Amber Precast Group Rebrands Itself


Amber Precast Group, the Alfreton based manufacturer of bespoke precast concrete, has recently undergone a brand make-over with the help of Armstrong, the leading B2B branding and marketing agency. The new ‘look’, together with the new website and the restructured offering will strengthen and refocus the business as it moves into the future.

The industrial marketing specialists Armstrong led the design and development work, to accomplish the right ‘refresh’. “It was a pleasure to work with the Amber Precast team and translate ‘what they do well’ into brand values and messages which reflects this. We pride ourselves on developing a concept which is able to communicate this succinctly to our clients’ customers. This then forms the basis of the true values and attributes of the brand,” commented Armstrong director, Daniel Owen.

Amber Precast is renowned for producing a wide range of architectural, structural, and glass fibre reinforced products for the house building, construction, civil, and nuclear sectors. What they do, together with the products they have to offer has to be reflected in the message they send; which is exactly what Armstrong did for the manufacturer. Daniel adds that “the essential message needed to be refreshed and clarified” and then the communication tools, including the website, had to highlight it.

“We’re very pleased with our new positioning. The Amber Precast brand has been thoroughly modernized, reflecting our true status within the industry, and, moving forward, we are now well positioned to serve our clients with a ‘one-stop’ solution for all precast concrete product types,” said Mark Johnson, Amber Precast Managing Director.

Armstrong has existed since the early 90s and it aims to dig deep into the commercial mechanics of a business I order to ensure that any customer proposition is powerful enough to outperform market growth. Armstrong draws on all aspects of a company and channels it to stakeholders in a simple, memorable way.


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