GreenCoat Pural BT by SSAB Is Available


An upgraded version of GreenCoat Pural by SSAB using the patented Bio-based Technology (BT) coating made from Swedish rapeseed oil is now available. GreenCoat Pural BT is part of the GreenCoat premium steel product range, which is the greenest collection of colour coated steel products for the building industry.

GreenCoat Pural has been the benchmark for roofing applications having the highest level of durability to withstand the harshest climates on earth for almost 30 years. The roof retains its appearance, is easy to maintain and is cost effective. It provides a maximum product lifetime due to its superior technical properties, such as Ruv4 UV radiation and RC5 corrosion resistance, as well as resistance from mechanical wear.

The GreenCoat Pural BT offers builders a level of sustainability found nowhere else on the market, in addition to enhanced performance. “With GreenCoat® colour coated steels we provide the most sustainable products with the best technical properties for the building industry. GreenCoat® steels have the lowest thermal expansion of all metals to guarantee a clean look without buckling or deformation, for years to come,” said Olavi Huhtala, Executive Vice President SSAB Europe at SSAB Group.

A lot of thought and research was put into the new steel product, involving consumer feedback, observing test results and utilizing the expertise of our partners. The end result is a product that combines the vision to deliver high-performance for greener living.

“We have been using GreenCoat Pural successfully for 20 years. Now, we are taking a step further, advancing the creation of a more sustainable living environment in terms of roof construction. It was extremely rewarding to participate in the development of this unique, new generation of roofing products,” explains Juha Weckman, Director of Weckman Steel Oy, Finland.

GreenCoat Pural BT is available in an extensive colour range inspired by the Nordic nature with the option of matt or regular gloss finishes.


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