NHBC Award Winning Family Owned Luxury Home Developer Bentier Homes


A family owned organisation with a longstanding history of both designing and building luxury homes, Bentier Homes operates out of its Reading head office and provides a leading service for the planning, designing, and creating of exclusive luxury housing developments for resale.

Not just looking to build houses, but instead to create homes for its customers, Bentier Homes comes to the fore by tailor-making properties to suit specific locations whilst also maintaining the highest standard of workmanship across all properties. Through the individualisation of property design, the company effectively delivers homes which fit neatly into communities, add aesthetic value, and effectively contribute to the locality beyond the base provision of housing stock.

Also noteworthy for the attention to detail, the finish of Bentier Homes developments is regarded as head and shoulders above the rest. Including everything from the building of the house all the way through to aspects such as landscaping and more, this attention to detail sees the company offering a comprehensive development package which allows for customers to move in with minimal fuss, hassle, or requirement for any additional work. All this, surprisingly, is provided as part of the traditional package, and not an optional extra.

Extending the focus on minimal fuss further, Bentier Homes also operates in a responsible way when considering community interaction. Regularly contacting local community representatives not simply before works commence, but also with regular updates if there may be any noise disruption or otherwise, Bentier Homes effectively makes sure that community representatives are engaged with and made fully aware of the works being performed on site. This not only helps in the area of health and safety when larger works are being performed, but also in easing community concerns and has proven very successful.

This year, Bentier Homes has also been very successful with Site Manager, Tim Parker winning the Pride in the Job 2017 Award, affording clear recognition of the hard work and standards being maintained by both Parker and the wider company. “It’s a great award for us. It’s something we’ve been working on for some time. Just to be able to say we have a Pride in the Job Award is a great USP for the company, and on a personal note great for my C.V naturally! It’s all positives really,” commented Tim Parker, Site Manager at Bentier Homes.

Although this is the first Pride in the Job Award won at Bentier Homes, Parker remains confident that this will be the first in a long line of awards thanks to an overhaul in the company’s organisational strategy, allowing for the company to better showcase excellence in awards such as these. But of course, beyond the change in organisation, the company has also been adamant in maintaining the driving factors behind the company’s renowned level of quality and attention to detail.

Commenting on how this has been made possible, he continued: “It’s been key to make sure our trades are up to date and also fully understand all the relevant NHBC regulations. It’s also been about maintaining high standards and consistency of workmanship on site, while maintaining a good working relationship between our trades which is something I always encourage.’’

Of course, Bentier Homes has been with its trades the entire time in ensuring that standards are continually improving. On a day-to-day basis, the company strongly encourages its trades to take note of where challenges or issues may be arising so that they can do things differently next time, whilst on a longer-term basis the organisation also involves trades with constructive meetings and training on best-practices. The combination of these two elements has, of course, allowed for a continuous cycle in improved performance from both an efficiency and quality workmanship perspective.

This has only been successful thanks to the level of passion which Bentier Homes’ trades put into their work, as well as their commitment to working closely together for the benefit of the customer. Indeed, the cooperation and collaboration between trades and management have been the driving force behind the success, as Parker clarifies: “It’s a massive team effort and although I am at the forefront of it, it’s about that teamwork really that ensures a great home is handed over.”

Going forward, Bentier Homes looks to strengthen its relationship with the NHBC further. Having enjoyed the success of the first award, Parker is determined to win further awards with the NHBC and has a number of projects in the pipeline which it will be putting forward for such awards.


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