Salix Homes Announces Canon Green Court Proposal


Salix Homes has announced a development proposal to modernise the eight-storey building on Canon Green Drive in Salford. The housing association is planning to renovate it and create modern, attractive, and energy efficient homes that are suitable in the long run.

The 1960s building dominates the Salford skyline with its distinctive blue balconies, which have been used in several television dramas such as ITV’s Prey and Channel 4’s No Offence. Now, Salix Homes together with the residents of the iconic apartment block, have been consulting each other on initial designs and how the building could look after undergoing the ambitious regeneration project, which includes the development of an additional 100-unit apartment block on the expansive site.

“We have been working very closely with residents to ensure they’re involved in this much-needed improvement work every step of the way,” said Sue Sutton, Executive Director of Operations at Salix Homes. “This is an exciting time for Salix Homes and for our residents. We’ve listened to what our residents want and we will continue to work closely together to develop proposals that benefit everyone and creates modern, energy efficient homes we can all be proud of.”

The initial design proposal includes an additional multi-storey apartment block built within the grounds and a major facelift, including new bathrooms, kitchens, heating systems, and external wall insulation, undergone on the current block.

In 2015, tenants voted to transfer their homes from Salford Council to the ownership of Salix Homes, which promised them an investment in the Canon Green Court. “Not only will our ambitious plans transform the homes and hopefully the lives of the current residents of Canon Green Court, but will also provide the opportunity for Salix Homes to build around 100 desperately needed new homes for local people,” added Sue.

The work on the site will start later on this year and will be completed in 2020.


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