TEOCO Launches a New Indoor Planning Tool


TEOCO, the leading provider of analytics, assurance, and engineering solutions, has announced the launch of a new indoor wireless planning tool, ASSET Indoor, created in partnership with UK based technology company Ranplan Wireless. The product is an all in one solution for coordinated HetNet planning, optimisation, and simulation, which allows communication service providers (CSPs) to design better mobile connectivity in and around buildings.

“We are very excited to partner with Ranplan, leveraging their innovative indoor wireless expertise that offers significant benefits to the market while solving a number of historical issues,” said Aloke Paskar, Executive Vice President. “As technology has developed, in-building connectivity has become a crucial part of day-to-day life, whether that is at home, in an office or even at a stadium. Users want better connectivity, good quality service and high data rates – and ASSET Indoor will allow our customers to plan for just that.”

ASSET Indoor comes with a few unique capabilities, including the Smart CAD (Computer Aided Design) extract tool that helps reduce design planning and optimisation time by up to 50% by automatically recognising and extracting features in a CAD drawing to create a 3D building environment in minutes; a true HetNet design tool that can model simultaneously the indoor and outdoor environments; accurate coverage predictions given by 3D multi-path ray tracing algorithms, which result in precise high performing designs and ensure systems are future proofed; and capacity planning and simulation to UE level that considers user density, distribution, and application or service types when planning network capacity requirements.

“ASSET Indoor solves a number of in-building planning pain points including the length of the planning process, inability to analyse both interior and exterior network coverage, and accurately predicting network coverage and simulating capacity,” said Alastair Williamson, CEO of Ranplan. “As we continue to commercialize our suite of tools and having won a significant number of customers globally, our partnership with TEOCO provides an excellent platform where we can expand our footprint globally. This is a significant step for the market.”

The ASSET Indoor offering includes ASSET Indoor for detailed planning and design optimization, ASSET Indoor tablet for site surveys and simple designs and ASSET Indoor Manager for in-building system workflow and project management.


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