Why Hire an Architect?


Your house is probably your biggest investment, so when you think about refurbishing it or brining a few changes to it, why not hire a professional to help you with it? An architect can make sure that your vision becomes reality and Lonsdale Patent Glazing & Rooflights is giving you a few more reasons to employ a creative professional.

1. Peace of mind

An architect spends many years in education, learning and perfecting the skills required to succeed. All architects are registered with the Architects Registration Board (ARB) and if they follow a further set of requirements, they gain recognition by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). By choosing a professional you know that the correct insurance and management systems are in place throughout the process.

2. Creative design

If you’re looking for an original and outstanding concept, then you must employ an architect. The creative eye of an architect will produce superior designs maximising space, light and symmetry truly capturing the essence of the building and catering to the needs of the homeowner.

3. Efficient budgeting

Without the advice of a professional, the costs can easily spiral out of control, so when hiring an architect you not only get someone creative, but you get someone who knows how to be efficient. A good architect will advise you on necessities and suggest cost savings where possible, while making sure that you understand the confusing quotations from builders and suppliers.

4. Risk management

Architects can advise on hiring suitable contractors and draft a contract that ensures work is carried out to the required building regulations, high quality and delivered on time. This way, you will avoid unwanted and unexpected extra costs and you will know exactly how much you are investing and when.

Lonsdale Patent Glazing & Rooflights encourage the highest standards within the construction industry, ensuring clients receive the best possible experience from beginning until the end of their project. Get in touch for advice about how rooflights can enhance your building and to find your nearest RIBA architect use this useful search tool at


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