11 little extras that will transform your bathroom space

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that giving your bathroom a makeover requires a complete remodel with a new bathroom suite, a change of tiles and a lot of expense. It’s the reason why so many household bathrooms gradually fall into a sorry state.

If your bathroom is looking like it could do with freshening up, but you can’t afford the luxury of a complete remodel with an expensive bathroom designer on board, read on for some brilliant tips. With just a few simple changes, you could breathe new life into your bathroom for years to come. Here are 11 little extras that will give your bathroom a new look:

  1. The deep clean

The bathroom, along with the kitchen, is probably one of the few rooms in the home that gets more than its fair share of cleaning. As a result of regular cleaning, a deep clean in the bathroom often gets overlooked. It’s easy for limescale to build slowly around the base of taps, for grouting to become blighted by unsightly mould, and for blinds to become tainted with grubby marks.

Begin your bathroom refresh with a deep clean. It’s a great way to make some small but effective changes. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Use a limescale remover or try a natural alternative if you prefer to get your basin, bath, tiles and taps shining like new.
  • Use a fabric cleaner to give your blinds a new lease of life.
  • Soak your showerhead in white vinegar overnight.
  • Wash your shower curtain in the washing machine.
  • Clean grout with bleach and a grout brush (an old toothbrush will do, but dispose of afterwards!), or if you want to avoid using bleach try a natural alternative.
  • Wipe down paintwork, tiles and woodwork with anti-bacterial cleaner.
  • Thoroughly clean windows.
  • Wash floor with gusto.
  • Vigorously clean the toilet; use a cup of baking soda to remove stains.
  1. A lick of paint

Most bathrooms aren’t particularly large in size so can easily be redecorated in a short space of time. Be sure to prep wood carefully. With a little bit of effort, a coat of paint can lift your bathroom from tired to fresh in little more than a day or two.

  1. A treat for the windows

If cleaning hasn’t breathed new life into your bathroom blind, consider a replacement. You can change up the colour scheme for a modern funky splash, or stay neutral if you’re going for a more elegant theme.

  1. New fluffy towels and a sumptuous bath mat

This is such an easy trick. Tired, threadbare, washed-out towels make any bathroom look sad. Whether you go for luxury towels exuding understated elegance, or you choose bright towels to match your colour scheme, new bath linens are an easy and relatively inexpensive way to change the bathroom’s landscape.

  1. Indulgent spa-style bath and body products

It’s time to splash out and upgrade your bathroom products. Invest in a luxury handwash and handcream set, a refined French soap and an expensive scented candle. Whatever luxury brand is your favourite, go for it.

  1. A modern sleek shower curtain

If your bathroom has an over-the-bath shower or a separate shower cubicle with a shower curtain, a new curtain is a great way to shake up the the style of your bathroom. Whether you want to make an artistic statement, or just bring simple, clean style to your bathroom, replacing your old shower curtain will transform your bathroom space in an instant.

  1. Re-grout the bathroom tiles

It’s a job most of us shy away from, but regrouting your bathroom tiles really can lift your bathroom from ‘uncared for’ to ‘clean and fresh.’

  1. New taps

You will be surprised at how much difference new bath taps can make to the look and feel of your bath and basin, and to the overall ambience of the bathroom. Modernising taps or adding a vintage twist can really lift your bathroom and change the style of the room.

  1. A new piece of art

It goes without saying that a new piece of art can add interest to your bathroom. Pick something that makes you smile and you’ll love your new-look bathroom all the more.

  1. Upgrade your towel rail and toilet roll holder

Fixed accessories are something we rarely get around to changing. If your towel rail and toilet roll holder look out of date, upgrade them to bring a more modern feel to your bathroom.

  1. Add or update your bathroom storage

When we lose sight of the bathroom aesthetic, and our eye for detail slips, we let half used bathroom products pile up on every vacant surface. Use up or get rid of old products and give your bathroom storage a revamp. Add a bathroom cabinet or a storage tower, and replace tired accessories. Your uncluttered bathroom will look all the better for it.


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