5 Ways To Pick Out Stylish Furniture


According to the Franklin Furniture Institute, consumers use the internet, catalogues, and home décor television programming to gain knowledge on brand availability, styles, and pricing. The only thing missing from this equation is your needs which can significantly alter any of the inspiring ideas you learn along the way.

Here are five ways to pick out stylish furniture when making a new purchase.

  1. Aesthetics:

Today’s furniture designers are creative, trendy, and stylish which is why elegant furniture is available in any color or pattern. The color palette is a crucial element to decision making as the furniture you choose must blend in with your current décor. Do you plan on using the furniture to accentuate a room or do you want to select a neutral tone that easily blends? Lighter colored furniture makes rooms appear more massive while darker hues absorb light and seem smaller. The color also sets the mood in your home. Determining aesthetics will assist in narrowing down the product availability.

The good news with picking the right pieces and colors is that modern technology enables you to try all sort of new furniture without long term commitments. Websites like give the option of renting furniture. Take advantage of rentals before buying and committing to a certain theme.

  1. Design:


When you walk into a home, it is the furniture design that can tell a lot about its occupants which is why you need to have the same mindset when choosing your own. A lover of history may opt for decor from the Renaissance period, but a family of four may decide on something more contemporary. If you are not sure which design suits you best, do a bit of research to determine the factors you need to consider before deciding on a style.

  1. Functionality:

You should always consider function while deciding on the aesthetics of furniture. Some pieces are built to last while modern brands may use materials less suited for endurance. Perhaps you find the perfect table-for-two that matches aesthetically. It is an ideal fit, but what if you plan on growing your family in the next few years? To avoid having to discard gently used furniture, you must consider its function to decide on the right type that fits your needs now and in the future. 

  1. Size:

A beautiful piece of furniture does not help if it overshadows the remaining space in a room which is why size and shape help determine your choices. Did you know that there are standard measurement recommendations that make selections easier? A coffee table should be no longer than 2/3rd the length of the couch, and it should be level with your cushions. Round dining tables are preferable to square ones when considering accessibility and style fusions. If you plan to do any writing, you need a table that is around 29 inches tall. Evaluate your room’s measurements so that you know the limits of available furniture. A bit of research will prepare you for any shopping excursion.

  1. Budget:

Price tags make a difference in selections. Some consumers opt for a less expensive brand because they intend to pay cash. Others want top-of-the-line furniture but lack the means to purchase it, so they choose a rental option for accessibility or usability. Style typically comes at a higher price, so do not exclude it until you compare rent-to-own availability. For some budgets, it provides an ideal way to maintain a stylish home without having to spend extravagantly to achieve it.

The ideal piece of furniture will blend personal style, aesthetics, and functionality. In today’s market, you do not have to cut corners because designers incorporate a variety of techniques with the modern family in mind. It is always best to take a few minutes to decide on what you need so that you navigate the furniture market meticulously. Even if you only know color, size, or budget, sales departments employ knowledgeable professionals who know about furniture quality and price comparisons. In the end, it all comes down to personal choice, and there are plenty of stylish pieces to highlight the interior of your home.


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