AEI Cables Brings Reassurance to Its Customers


AEI Cables has committed to a further prestige standard as it continues to fight against non-approved cables, proving its commitment to quality and service delivery across its markets.

The cable leader is demonstrating its dedication in all aspects of the ISO 9001-2015 standard for management systems, which addresses customer focus, motivation of senior management, processes and continual improvement awarded by the cable industry body, the British Approvals Service Cables (BASEC). This accreditation is complemented further by AEI Cables’ approvals from organisations such as Lloyds, the MoD, Network Rail and LUL, as well as American and Canadian approval systems and others worldwide.

The management system ISO 9001-2015 scheme assesses a company’s ability to produce and supply goods and services constantly to specification and customer requirements in a safe manner and taking into consideration the environmental needs.

“AEI Cables stands for quality across all of its business dealings and this is another sign of our commitment to it. We have a proven track record but we will not rest on our laurels,” said Stuart Dover, commercial manager for AEI Cables. “With the rising issue of non-approved cabling, we bring reassurance and peace of when it comes to product performance, and we look forward to supporting our customers in the UK and worldwide.”

The markets that AEI Cables operates in include construction, industrial, fire protection, defence, mining, and rail. All of the company’s products for these markets are supplied with approvals from independent industry bodies such as BASEC and LPCB covering design, manufacture and supply.

AEI Cables is one of the most respected cable experts worldwide, being committed to quality, safety and service with no compromise. The company has been in use for more than 170 years and it has delivered cables for prestige projects such as Manchester Airport, the White City complex, and Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.


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