Considerate Constructors Scheme Launches Air Pollution Campaign


Considerate Constructors Scheme has launched its ‘Spotlight on… air pollution’ campaign, which will help the construction industry to address the air pollution issues. The campaign was created after a survey revealed that 84% of nearly 600 respondents believe there is an issue with air pollution and not a lot is done about it.

Other findings comprised in the survey say that 91% of respondents agreed that air pollution is a nationwide issue; 88% revealed that the importance of minimising air pollution is being communicated to the workforce on their site; 62% said their site has appropriate measure sin place to address air pollution; 56% of them have a good understanding of the issue, while 39% have an average understanding of the regulations surrounding air pollution.

The campaign aims to raise awareness and understanding of how the construction industry could tackle this problem and erase it from its activities in and around construction sites. Additionally, it provides a variety of practical steps, case studies, resources, and regulatory information. This is well needed because apart from affecting the health of the workforce, it is also costing the UK at an economic level.

“A staggering 40,000 deaths a year are linked to air pollution in the UK, and many people are suffering long-term health problems caused by poor air quality. As construction is a significant contributor to air pollution, it is essential for the industry to put measures in place to clean up our air by working together to reduce our impact on air quality,” said Considerate Constructors Scheme chief executive Edward Hardy.

“The Scheme’s campaign provides everyone within the industry access to a practical suite of resources including best practice, guidance and case studies from Scheme-registered construction sites, companies and suppliers on how to tackle this issue,” added Edward. “We are proud to be at the forefront of collaborative efforts to tackle air pollution.”


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