Got your GCSE results? Consider a career in construction!


Yesterday, hundreds of thousands of teenagers collected their GCSE results.

Not so long ago, I was in their position.

Many of them are probably still unsure of what they want to do next. However, I was always adamant I wanted to pursue a career in construction.

After collecting my GCSE’s, I went on to study engineering at college three days a week, while working part time in mechanics.

Then, before I knew it, came my lucky break.

CITB offered me a two-week work experience placement at M.B. Roche & Sons.

Following a thoroughly successful and enjoyable two weeks, I was offered a full apprenticeship in General Construction and Highways Maintenance.

Even though I’ve only been in the role for eight weeks, it’s been the best eight weeks of my life.

What I love about construction is that there are so many different aspects to learn. I’m not one to sit around and I like getting my hands dirty, so it’s perfect for me.

On my first day, my boss took me through the Go Construct website and I was amazed to see that there were even more job roles and opportunities I wasn’t aware of.

Go Construct is a fantastic tool for anyone looking to join the construction industry – I would highly recommend it.

At the moment I am working five days a week on site and have already worked on some great projects in my home town of Hull. From September, I will start at Hull College one day a week to work on the theory side of my apprenticeship.

I hope to pass and then eventually the ideal scenario would be to start my own business. The opportunities in construction are endless.

I was lucky enough to know exactly what I wanted to do from a young age. But if you collected your GCSE results yesterday and still don’t know, I suggest you consider a career in construction!

To learn about all the careers construction has to offer – visit Go Construct. 

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