Roof and Concrete Maintenance from Sika


Nic Collins, the area technical manager at Sika Refurbishment, wants to remind us how important the roof and concrete maintenance is for the upkeep of buildings, particularly for those of historical interest.

Pitch-less roofs unadorned by modern drainage features are susceptible to ponding, which can lead to blistering to the roof’s surface and valuable assets within the building becoming damaged. Exterior concrete elements such as soffits and parapets are also at risk of deterioration due to long-term ingress. To make sure this doesn’t happen to your building, Nic gives us a few advices.

The first step towards avoiding the costly repairs of a water damaged roof is preventing it from becoming a major issue. A good corrosion survey, such as the one provided by Sika, measures the rate of delamination, its source and the effect on the concrete. Additionally, it also identifies the right products and systems to use as part of a refurbishment programme. The Sika survey investigates dust samples for chloride content and covers a meter reading and a test for levels of carbonation. A factual report based on the findings is then drawn-up and implemented as necessary.

If a leak emanates from the roof’s area and threatens to cause long-term damage to surrounding concrete features, a roof survey is also advised. The Sika Liquid Plastics Area Technical Managers can conduct this survey and produce a full specification of the repair solution, with the project being monitored until its full completion by highly-experienced Field Technicians.

Sika provided the products and expertise for two Grade II-listed buildings – the Hoover Building in Perivale, west London during its transformation into a luxury residential complex, and the Cunard, a former Second World War air raid shelter, now a high-end office block situated in a desirable dockyard location. By providing both the expertise and the quality products, Sika’s solution simplifies the refurbishment process for the client.


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