Three Aesthetically Pleasing Materials for Construction in 2018


When it comes to building design, there will always be certain constructions regarded as being more pleasing on the eye than others. Certainly, this often relates to the layout or design of the building. However, often this is down to the materials used. Some materials are simply more aesthetically pleasing than others.

With this in mind, we’re going to look at three of the building materials currently favoured in the UK and how they are applied. These are classics that are also kind to the environment, representing where we believe the future of the industry lies.


To enhance all available light and space, both on the inside and outside of a building, almost nothing beats glass – which is why this material is such a timeless choice for construction professionals. What’s more, like clear perspex, it can be recycled, making it a perfect fit into the greener, more considered construction landscape for 2018. Just some of the applications are:

  • Glass facades, giving an entire building a stunning appearance,
  • Structural glass walls, creating a beautiful and functional feature that lets natural light flood in,
  • Glass lift shafts and cars, making a feature of what would otherwise be a practical part of a building;
  • Glass balconies, utilising any outdoor space to the fullest.

When choosing glass for walls, windows or balconies it can also be a good idea to also install protective elements such as those from Barrier Components. This way, you can be sure that visitors to a building are protected from any accidents which might occur.

Stainless Steel

The group of alloys known collectively as stainless steel are highly regarded for their corrosion resistance, strength and beautiful appearance. One just has to look at the Chrysler Building in New York for a classic example of this material in use. And it is still in favour today. High-grade stainless steel is resistant to staining and relatively easy to maintain. Additionally, it is 100% recyclable, making it not only beautiful but kind to the planet.

Reclaimed Wood

Timber is going through something of a renaissance at the moment, with gorgeous constructions from this material popping up all over the planet. Perhaps the best way to use wood is by choosing it from a sustainable or reclaimed source. This is a highly versatile material that is also incredibly pleasing aesthetically. There’s just something about a warm, wooden surface that agrees with our senses. What’s more it is almost endlessly recyclable.

This list focuses just three aesthetically pleasing materials that could be considered relevant today. But, really, there are many more. It is up to construction professionals to find materials which fit best with their current projects and to use them in a way that works well.


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