UZIN Provides Flooring Refurbishments for MCHFT


UZIN has been chosen by the Leighton Hospital, part of Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (MCHFT) to help rebuild a Critical Care and Theatre facility. The facility received a £25.2 million in funding for its refurbishment, which includes durable flooring that would be able to withstand heavy footfall and traffic load for the predictable future.

What UZIN did was rectifying a long lasting issue involving a failing floor before supplying a suitable system for the new building and many other refurbishment projects. The floor supplier worked in collaboration with iFloor to meet all the specific requirements and overcome any challenges that might arise during the project.

In total, UZIN installed over 15,000 m2 of flooring without any issues, enabling the MCHFT facility to improve the quality and safety of patient care. Following the success of the project, UZIN continued to work on all further flooring refurbishments for the subfloor.

“The new flooring has helped breathe new life into the facilities which have been refurbished. The finish and look of the flooring materials are first class and I can testify to their durability,” commented Paul Swindells, Senior Capital Project Manager, Estates & Facilities Division at MCHFT.

UZIN has an experience of over 100 years and it provides the UK’s flooring professionals with ecological, innovative and high quality products and solutions, from new installations to renovation of all types of floor coverings. Its whole range consists of practical products and solutions for today’s flooring contractors, including smoothing compounds, adhesives, and damp proofing systems.

UZIN offers a range of products for all types of flooring requirements, from low emission and eco-friendly products to switchTec® adhesive technology for quick refurbishments. In addition, they also provide a selection of products which can be used on 90% of all flooring installation. The company is committed to investments into basic research, product development, product safety, and application technology.


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