Banish Mould From Your Life Now

fungus on the corner of the wall

Where Has This Menace Come From?

Mould is a type of fungus. It is difficult to say from where it comes. But one thing is certain. Mould thrives in a damp, humid atmosphere. And because mould in the house is very dangerous for both the house and its occupants, it is better to eliminate it as soon as possible.

What Are The Dangers Of Mould?

The role of the pest we call mould is destruction. That’s fine in the wild where there are corpses to decompose. But in the everyday world, we can do without the destruction of our beloved books, clothes and antiques.Exposure to mould causes, at the very least, an allergic reaction in humans. At worst, it can cause black mould poisoning, which can be quite dangerous, especially for the very young and the very old. Symptoms include headaches, rashes and respiratory ailments. We owe it to ourselves and our families to keep our living spaces clean and mould free. Especially in places like bathrooms, which are constantly wet and in which ventilation is often a lot less than it should be.

How To Launch An Attack On Mould

Attacking the mould problem takes some strategy. In order to keep our homes and families mould free, there are certain measures we can take. Firstly, we should ensure that our homes and living spaces are well ventilated. Secondly, we should be doubly sure of ventilation in the cases of areas which are prone to dampness, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Burst pipes and leakage must be dealt with promptly. Houses which have experienced flooding need special care. Mould can be removed using a solution of bleach and water. But please remember, that when using bleach to clean away mould, it is important to protect the skin and eyes.Or look for non-chemical solutions to banish the dreaded mould. And remember, if the problem is beyond you, call the specialists in. They will remove the mould and advise you how to keep your home mould free in future. Mould removal services are available in most cities and are a great help when nothing else works.

Home Remedies

Calling in professional services is something that people often do as a method of last resort when the problem is out of control. But not everyone needs to do that. In many cases, the mould can be contained by the householder. An effective mould remover and constant vigilance after mould removal is often all that’s needed. Also, if the idea of using bleach as a house cleaner doesn’t appeal to you, there are other substances which are not as dangerous. They can do the job just as well. Vinegar is one substance which is very effective against mould and not at all dangerous for humans. Another is tea tree oil.

Finally Mould Free

Finally, the dreaded pest which we call mould is banished and your house is mould free. What a relief. You can live in peace again. And provided you make sure that all areas of your house are kept damp free and well ventilated, your house should stay mould free in the future. Your family members will thank you for it, as they will be leading happier, healthier lives.


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