With the increasing demands for firesafe materials across the construction industry, SIDERISE Nexus Core provides specifiers of architectural panels and doors with a firesafe and high strength insulation core that offers rigidity, flatness and exceptional structural performance.

A truly firesafe structural insulation solution, SIDERISE Nexus Core (previously Lamatherm Nexus NXR) lamella boards meet the performance requirements of modern industrial and commercial buildings being used in curtain walling systems, doors and volumetric building elements. They provide a cost-effective, pre-finished rigid core to be used wherever thermal, fire or acoustic insulation is required within a bonded composite panel.

Nexus Core comprises high strength stonewool lamella with a uniform fibre structure.  Precision manufacturing and tight tolerances means that manufacturers can use thinner facing materials that can now remain robust and aesthetically pleasing.

As part of the patented Nexus process, the lamella undergoes lateral compression which eliminates all gaps within and between the lamella, thereby removing any weak points and creating a ‘true’ lamella board. This increases structural performance and produces a more homogenous core. The Nexus Core lamella boards are supplied with an open filament net  facing to both sides to allow for structural bonding and also optimal handleability.

Willian McDowell, Business Development and Product Manager of SIDERISE:  “Whilst facades can be used to create a stunning architectural statement, it is essential these buildings are constructed to perform efficiently and safely. Nexus Core is made from European Fireclass A1 material which  is resistant to temperatures in excess of 1000° C.”

SIDERISE Nexus products use a unique patented process to produce a true structurally lamella board with optimal and tested fire, thermal and acoustic performance. Specifiers and building owners can then be certain these products will continue to perform after insulation, offering the best environmental conditions for those living and working in buildings, and to reliably protect in the event of fire.

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