Lighting Controls Ltd. Contracted for 2 Guildford Business Park


The 2 Guildford Business Park is an energy efficient 85,000 sq ft new-build will make an ideal corporate headquarters. It contains on-site amenities, including bicycle storage and showers for those wishing to take the ‘green option’ for the short trip from Guildford Station to the Business Park. The tranquil, rural views from the terrace will conceal the excellent access to motorways and rail communications.

The lightning within the offices and core areas will be controlled by the Lightning Controls Ltd. Network with daylight dimming and motion detectors. The area controllers will regulate the localised network zones in half floor sectors, on a floor to floor basis or across the whole building, depending on how the facility will be leased. In addition, the double-height atrium will incorporate scene set plates for easy to use local lightning flexibility.

Lighting Controls Limited manufactures state of the art control equipment for commercial and high-end domestic lighting and ancillary systems. Their designers and engineers have many decades of combined experience in the field of lighting control, and these British-designed, British-manufactured products reflect this experience and the company’s commitment to reliability and ease of installation and use.


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