Roads Are Getting Fixed in Renfrewshire


Renfrewshire Council has invested £7.2 million of its budget to improve routes across Renfrewshire. Part of the continuing physical and economic regeneration of the area, the programme is set to be delivered in 2018/19 and it will include the resurfacing and improvement of a number of high profile routes and a large number of busy rural and residential streets.

“We recognise that a key concern for the Renfrewshire community is the quality and safety of our roads network which is why a significant investment has been made to make improvements,” said Councillor Cathy McEwan, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Infrastructure, Land and Environment Policy Board. “While all roads cannot be repaired overnight, the investment we are making will ensure that the community begin to see tangible improvements immediately and a continual progress in the quality of our roads throughout the year.”

The programme will focus on carriageway resurfacing, such as patching and surface dressing, as well as on addressing drainage improvements, footway resurfacing and crash and safety barrier installation. It will coincide with an enhanced schedule of pothole repairs, which will tackle the effects that severe weather has had on Renfrewshire’s roads.

“We recognise there is a significant issue regarding potholes, which is affecting our roads due to the severe weather we faced this winter, with the freezing conditions causing the road surface to crack,” said Councillor McEwan.

“This is an issue which has been seen nationally, even occurring on out motorways, and we have invested accordingly to ensure our teams can carry out the necessary repairs. We recognise the frustrations of road users and want to assure them that we are committed to providing a roads network that is fit for purpose and will work hard to address all problems across the area,” she concluded.

The initial repairs that are part of the roads resurfacing programme are already underway, while the more extensive resurfacing work is set to begin shortly.


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