The ISO Certified Microcrane


Microcranes, Inc., a leader in the emerging mini crane industry, has introduced the ISO Certified M1 Global Model Microcrane designed to fit through 36 in. doorways, narrow aisles and inside elevators, yet expand to boom up to a 22 ft. tip height.

The M1 Global hydraulic pick & carry portable crane is rated at 905 kg and it has a hook height of 6.1 m. It is only 762mm wide and weighs 816 kg, with 136 kg of removable counterweights to reduce weight while transporting. The lifting crane also comes with several configurations such as a roof top configuration that allows floor to floor or ground to roof lifting of material at up to seven stories.

The ISO Certified M1 Global is built to ASME standards, exceeds OSHA standards and is CE Certified to meet international standards for the USA and Canada, Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Saudi Arabia, South America and other territories that look to a CE mark for a measure of conformity. Safety features include an upper limit switch (anti-two- block), 1.5 load safety factor, 4:1 rated hook with safety latch, brakes on rear and front wheels, brake on winch, dual stop points on four piece boom and a winch shield.

“We work with many industries, from startups to fortune 100 companies around the globe to provide equipment for tight spaces and alternatives to renting or buying expensive large cranes. Our cranes are used in industrial building, glazing, HVAC, maintenance, aircraft/aerospace, steel, marine, stone, military, manufacturing, utilities, auto and energy,” said Josh Clark, CEO and founder of Microcranes, Inc.

The machine unfolds from sides and back for stabilisation, while the four piece boom extends to a 22 ft. tip height. Users can easily raise and lower the hydraulic boom with hand controls, and raise or lower live loads with a DC power winch powered by 24v deep cycle battery power with an on-board charger. The line speed is 30 FPM (9m/min.). The M1 Global Model can also be made in stainless steel for clean room environments.


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