ErP Directive heats up boiler industry

ErP Directive heats up boiler industry

Published:  26 September, 2016

One year on from the introduction of the EU Energy related Products (ErP) Directive, the heating industry has made significant progress in meeting its goals, according to distributor F&P Wholesale

Shane Knight, category director for heating at F & P, Primaflow & Connections, believes the 2015 legislation forced manufacturers, installers and distributors alike to re-examine the efficiency of their space and water heating products.

“Initially there was confusion across the industry, in terms of what the implications of the legislation would be,” he said. “But, one year on, we’ve worked hard to clear the older, non-compliant products and focus on supplying energy-efficient boilers, and investigate new technologies.

“The industry supply chain is quite interlinked, so we’ve had to keep open dialogue with both manufacturers and installers so that we can make sure we meet the challenges set out in the new legislation.”

The ErP directive, introduced in September 2015, set out targets to reduce the EU’s energy usage by 20% and increase renewable energies by 20%, by 2020. The directive applied to all domestic and commercial heating products, as well as renewable technologies.

Under the new legislation, all products are required to be labelled according to their energy rating, from A+++ to G.

Mr Knight said the directive, coupled with a drive for continued innovation, means the type of products available are likely to change dramatically over the next few years.

“The heating industry has had to adapt to many new developments, particularly with developers of newbuild homes opting for more energy efficient options. Many manufacturers are conscious of the fact that gas boilers may not be the main source of heating by 2020 and are investigating new initiatives such as ground force heat pumps and solar heating.

“The directive is one of many changes in legislation that has impacted the industry, and it remains important that all organisations adapt and respond positively,” he added. “There is still more advancement needed to reach the EU targets and everyone needs to play their part.”

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