FMB Study Reveals Millennials are NOT Hopeless Around the House

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According to a new research by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), over half (57%) of Brits wrongly assume that millennials are useless when it comes to carrying out practical jobs around the home.

“Society is wrong to assume that the technical know-how of your typical millennial begins and ends with their smartphone. Well over half of Brits think that those aged 18-34 fall short when it comes to carrying out hands-on tasks around the home. There’s a popular misconception that most young people rely on their parents to complete jobs around the house for them – either through a lack of interest or a lack of ability, or both. However, our research shows that millennials are handier than many give them credit for. Two thirds of young people have hung picture or photo frames on the wall and nearly as many have put together flat-pack furniture and painted something. It’s particularly impressive that half of all young people have been proactive enough to watch a DIY ‘how to’ online video rather than waiting for someone they know the show them or complete the task on their behalf,” said Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the FMB.

The research shows that the top ten jobs completed by 18-34 year olds are: 70% have defrosted a freezer, 66% have hung picture or photo frames on a wall, 63% have put together flat-pack furniture, 58% have painted a wall or a piece of furniture, 57% have hung curtains, 49% have watched a DIY ‘how to’ video, 48% have sewn a button, 44% have bled a radiator, 43% have changed a fuse in a plug and 36% have put up a shelf.

“Although we applaud young people for getting stuck in, it’s important that all generations know their limits when it comes to DIY and home improvements. It’s one thing bleeding a radiator and quite another attempting to knock down a wall or removing a structural beam. Our advice is to refrain from undertaking tasks that are better performed by a professional builder. If homeowners are looking to hire a builder, and aren’t able to extract a reliable recommendation from a family member or friend, they should use the FMB’s ‘Find a Builder’ service. All new members of the FMB are vetted and independently inspected before joining and so consumers can rest assured that they’ll be working with a professional and quality builder,” Berry concluded.


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