Hanhaa and Avnet Together for a Connected World


Hanhaa, a UK based IoT innovations provider has received a financial investment from Avnet, a leading global technology distributor. The investment should generate benefits for both companies, accelerating the pace in which Hanhaa develops leading IoT products and solutions, while expanding Avnet’s presence in the high-growth IoT marketplace and increasing its global customer base.

“Though this partnership with Avnet, we see significant benefits – Avnet will provide Hanhaa and our customers access to specialized product development and distribution capabilities across the globe; and Hanhaa will help Avnet reach new markets through Hanhaa’s progressive IoT technology. This investment and new relationship will accelerate the growth trajectory for the business and allow us to speed up time to market,” said Azhar Hussain, CEO and founder of Hanhaa.

Hanhaa is a provider of IoT innovations to the global logistics and supply chain industry, being able to deliver real-time tracking across the globe for clients in the retail, pharmaceutical and automotive sectors, among others.

Avnet focuses on identifying and supporting start-up companies with huge potential, such as Hanhaa. It simplifies product development by supporting customers at every stage of the design cycle with a full suite of in-house capabilities, providing seamless design, manufacturing and supply chain services to get products to market faster.

“Hanhaa is an innovator of progressive IoT technology. Their technological ingenuity combined with their product development expertise will almost certainly speed them to the forefront of global IoT solutions. As Hanhaa prepares to introduce new products to market, coupling their innovation and nimbleness with the sheer breadth and depth of Avnet’s global reach and end-to-end ecosystem, creates an ideal match. We’re well-aligned to win, Hanhaa solutions supported by Avnet will answer the ever-increasing demand for IoT tools across the burgeoning IoT marketplace,” said Terry Bassett, chief strategy and innovation officer at Avnet.

As a part of this new relationship, Hanhaa will leverage Avnet’s design services for new product design and development, and draw upon the breadth of Avnet’s fulfilment pipeline and components distribution capabilities–needed by Hanhaa for volume production. In addition, Avnet will broaden the range of opportunities for Hanhaa technologies by engaging its robust online communities: element14 and, which have a total membership of almost one million makers and engineers, about these new technologies using content, contests and promotions.

The news follow the announcement that Premier Farnell and Microsoft will be working together to use Hanhaa’s Symbisa, an off the shelf and easy to use product that allows the user to embed the sensors into whichever application they need, to bring the power of IoT to users through Office 365 and Excel.


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