How to Choose an Appliance Repair Specialist

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Dealing with a broken appliance? From your oven to your dishwasher, when your appliances stop working, it’s important to contact an experienced, qualified repair specialist to bring them back to working condition.

The best appliance repair specialists tend to quote fair, realistic prices and complete their work to a high standard. Less reliable appliance repair technicians, on the other hand, often deliver lower quality results, often at an inflated price.

This makes choosing the right individual or company an important task if you’re dealing with a damaged or non-working oven, microwave, washing machine or other device that’s in need of appliance repairs.

Below, we’ve listed four techniques that you can use to choose the right appliance repair service and avoid overpriced, low quality service providers.

Check for a workmanship guarantee

Repairs aren’t supposed to bring your appliance back to life for a few days or weeks. Instead, a thorough repair should provide lasting results that keep your appliance working as it should for the long term.

Appliance repair specialists that stand behind their work usually offer a guarantee of one year or longer, giving you confidence that the repair you’re paying for is worth the money.

Before you choose any appliance repair service, check that they offer a workmanship guarantee for completed jobs. If there’s no guarantee, it’s usually worth searching for a repair provider with a more confident approach to their work.

Check reviews from previous customers

There’s no substitute for honest feedback, especially when you need to compare several service providers.

If you’re looking for an appliance repair specialist, an easy way to narrow your search down to the very best is by using a website like, which lists user reviews for a variety of companies and service businesses.

If a repair business has a strong rating with numerous positive reviews, it’s usually a worthwhile choice. If it has a weak rating or numerous negative reviews from previous customers, it might be best to look for an alternative provider.

Look for a no fix, no fee policy

If an appliance repair provider can’t fix your appliance, you shouldn’t be required to pay for their services. Despite this, many appliance repair companies will charge you a call-out fee even if it’s not possible for their technicians to repair your appliance.

When you’re comparing appliance repair providers, check for a no fix, no fee policy. This policy means that if your appliance can’t be fixed, you won’t need to pay a fee for the repair provider’s services.

Check that their service is fast and convenient

Dealing with a broken appliance can be a frustrating experience, especially if it’s an appliance you depend on for your day-to-day life. Because of this, few things are as irritating as having to wait for several days for an open slot to become available in a technician’s schedule.

After you’ve found an appliance repair provide that ticks all of the above boxes, contact them to check that they’re available at a convenient time and date.

If they’re available, book them as soon as possible to make sure you receive quick, convenient service. If there’s a long waiting period, it might be better to move on to an alternative provider to avoid going several days without a working oven, microwave, dishwasher or other appliance.


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