An eye on the environment: how to keep your home energy efficient

One of the most important issues facing society today is the climate crisis, and everyone has a part to play in keeping the environment sustainable for the next generation. From doing the recycling to opting for eco-friendly interior design choices, there are plenty of ways that we can keep our homes environmentally friendly – and save a few pounds on energy bills. This article will look at some practical methods for developing an eco-friendly home without compromising on convenience or aesthetic.

Windows and doors

Windows and doors are two of the main ways in which heat makes its way in and out of the home, and as a result they’re often the first port of call for those who want to improve their home’s environmental performance. Many timber-based front doors, for example, are unable to retain heat very well, and this low level of insulation means that it’s wise to opt for a different material instead if you want to reduce the temptation to turn up your central heating. Plantation shutters at your windows, meanwhile, are great options because they’re highly sustainable and don’t need to be replaced very often – meaning that you get value for money while also helping to protect vulnerable natural resources.

Recycling – a lot

The use of plastic and other environmentally unfriendly materials in modern homes is reaching very high proportions, and every room of the house can be affected. Often, behavioural change is what’s needed here to make a difference. If you run a household, it’s a good move to install small recycling bins in pretty much every room of the house, including the bedrooms (for materials such as packaging from new clothes), bathrooms (for empty shower gel bottles), and so on. If you have kids, why not set up a reward system that incentivises them to get recycling in a fun and exciting way?

Turn down the heating

Using up too much energy can be a real drain on environmental resources, and as a result it makes sense to use it in moderation. Instead of reaching for the thermostat every time you feel cold, for example, why not consider putting a jumper on or taking a blanket and hot water bottle to bed instead? That way, you’ll be able to stay warm while also doing your bit for the environment. A great side effect of this is that your energy bills often go down – so you can put the money that you save towards a nice treat for yourself.

Keeping your home operating in an energy-efficient way is a win-win situation: not only does it give you the chance to slash the costs of your energy bills, but it also means that you can play your part in looking after the climate for the next generation. By searching for energy-efficient materials for doors and windows as well as controlling your home’s recycling and heating processes, you can play your role without too much sacrifice or inconvenience.


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