Concrete Is the Solution as Timber Prices Keep Rising


Supreme Concrete, the leading manufacturer of high performance precast and prestressed concrete, said that more builders and homeowners are turning to concrete as a long-life and sustainable alternative, particularly for fencing, as timber prices continue to increase and news reveal that the industry could be hit by a £1 billion bill if Britain leaves the EU Customs Union.

The post-Brexit concerns are combined with the rise in timber prices that has been happening for the last 12 months. Industry commentators are agreed that this trajectory looks set to continue on its path. However, this can be allayed by opting for concrete alternatives. Concrete fencing posts manufactured in the UK provide a more economically viable option as they can be delivered with shorter lead times and are not subjected to changing EU tariffs.

“This is a cost-sensitive industry. The latest increases in price are clearly the result of a global demand for timber from emerging economies and of course as the fuel-source for biomass energy plants. These factors, coupled with the news that EU timber imports will cease being VAT free if we leave the EU Customs Union, mean the rising tide of people choosing concrete over timber is set to continue,” said Tim Wright, Sales Director for Supreme Concrete.

“As well as concretes cost effectiveness and vastly increased durability of over timber alternatives, products manufactured here in the UK offer shorter lead times and guaranteed availability – the net result is a much more reliable and sustainable solution,” he continued.

Supreme Concrete, part of Ibstock plc, is a UK manufacturer of high performance concrete fencing and building products. Founded in 1979 on the basis of innovatively designed products that are precision manufacture and supported by exceptional customer service, the company faced rapid growth. Today, Supreme Concrete offers a comprehensive range of precast building components, fencing products and lintels.


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