Can the use of blockchain help the property, building and construction sectors – Well Yes it can I think.

One of the more innovative technology rich projects to be released this year is an operating system called nOs. This is short for the Neo Operating System.

The nOS project was unveiled by Dean van Dugteren at the NEO loves Amsterdam conference held at the DeLaMar Theatre on April 14th, 2018. nOS is a virtual operating system for NEO that will run on mobile and desktop, and functions like a browser and app store. nOS aims to encourage consumer level adoption of NEO dApps by providing a safer and easier way to use applications.

There are so many blockchain projects out at the moment. Some in the early stages like nOs and some that are further along. They can be viewed at Coin Market Cap which has over 1600 current projects dealing with the blockchain technology.

In our next review of nOs we will explain its full potential for all sectors.

Who is involved: –

The core nOS team is comprised of City of Zion developers: Dean van Dugteren, founder of Click.DJ and VDT Network, Jason Perry, creator of NEO Ruby, and Matt Huggins, the maintainer of the Neon Wallet.