Ordering Concrete the Easy Way


The Concrete Network (TCN), the UK’s largest independent concrete supply network, operates a national service which aims to make ordering and pouring concrete as easy as
possible. For small projects, they offer a quick, easy and reliable solution – but it’s large commercial projects where they truly excel.

Here, we’re taking a look at how The Concrete Network operates to provide smooth, efficient and coordinated concrete delivery to meet even the most demanding project orders.

Multiple site coordination

For site managers and procurement managers, coordinating the necessary equipment for a project – while meeting strict budgetary and time requirements – is a demanding task. Say a project requires various concrete mixes delivered over multiple worksites across the country. The Concrete Network specialises in aiding this kind of delivery, ensuring each site receives the right concrete at the right time.

The network

This level of convenience is achieved thanks to TCN’s growing group of partners. With such close ties to concrete suppliers throughout the UK, The Concrete Network can: source the ideal concrete mix no matter the application, find a reputable partner local to any worksite, and organise delivery of specific concrete mixes to meet strict deadlines anywhere across the country.

TCN operates in such a way that anyone needing batch orders of concrete for numerous worksites can feel completely confident when arranging delivery. TCN handles the logistics on a client’s behalf, matching specific requirements in the most cost-effective and convenient way possible. This proves to be a vital time-saver during complex construction projects.

How it works

Working with TCN is straightforward; a site manager won’t be wasting undue time contacting individual local concrete companies for quotes, instead, they contact an advisor at The Concrete Network to get the ball rolling.

During the initial phone call, an experienced TCN team member will discuss all of your concrete requirements with you. They’ll require various details, including:

  • Location of worksite(s)
  • Type of concrete mix(es) required
  • Quantity required for each worksite
  • Delivery date
  • Payment details

They’ll also need to know whether or not you require pumping services to make the pour itself easier – this can then be factored in when the order is handed off to one of the TCN’s partners.

You’ll receive a quote for your job, and once you agree to book your order will be sent the to one of the TCN’s independent network partners – who will then call to confirm the date and time of delivery.

If you require high quality concrete for any construction project – even for numerous concrete deliveries across the country – The Concrete Network has you covered.


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