Speirs + Major Closes Edinburgh Office


Speirs + Major, a UK lighting design practice has announced that it will be closing its Edinburgh offices and will operate solely from its London offices. The move comes in response to the ‘ever-expanding international market’, and is part of a strategy that will see the lighting design firm open new studios in other key locations.

“We are always evolving and in recent years we have observed changes in the way we get the best opportunities and results,” said Keith Bradshaw, Principal at Speirs + Major. “We know how much love and effort goes into realising a great lighting project and now is the time to change the way we work on new international projects and support both our client’s expectations and our own ambitions.”

The practice is now looking at both East Asia and Europe, following a period of consolidation for its UK operation. Currently, it is in the process of establishing new studios.

“More than 50% of our workload is international and it is increasing. We are currently working in Europe, Scandinavia, North America, the Middle East, East Asia and Australia,” said Mark Major, Principal at Speirs + Major. “Whilst previously we have handled overseas projects from the UK, the scale and ambition of some of the work we are now engaged on demands a local presence.”

Speirs + Major is a multi-award-winning independent design practice that uses light to enhance the experience of the visual environment. Established for over two decades, the team is inspired by light and its innovative use and application. The firm’s work encompasses architecture, strategic branding and innovative product design, as well as raising awareness of the lighting design profession globally.

The team at Speirs + Major works in close collaboration with architects and designers, using light to reveal and accentuate the core principles of the architectural design. As lighting architects, the team develops environments where light is an integrated part of the final built form, combining creativity with pragmatism and ensuring the client’s lighting solution is both sustainable and easy to manage.



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