The Changing Role of Estate Agents: A New Customer Focus

The world is growing smaller by the day as technology gets more advanced and widely accessible. As such, consumer property demand is also changing in line with their broadening horizons, and real estate agents who want to truly focus on excellent customer service need to change with the times. How the demands changing and what is the new role for a real estate agent? Keep on reading to find out!

There is still a demand for the traditional estate agent who can offer local properties, but, estate agents now also need to cater to an altogether more internationally focussed customer who is looking to buy abroad for any of a number of different reasons. Whether the client is searching for a second home abroad or a holiday home they can rent out, real estate agents should be prepared for customers looking abroad. This is not only the case for big real estate agencies in for example London, but also for the smaller offices who operate local. Say for example a customer has been looking online for a villa for sale in Denia, the beautiful coastal town in Alicante, Spain. They are going to be looking to their estate agent to provide a number of different services, on top of simple offering a variety of properties to consider. This means that estate agents who want to win the trust, and repeated business, of their customers must be prepared to go the extra mile.

Offering Comprehensive Service and Customer Understanding

Background information is a key point of the service now expected of estate agents – you are offering property for sale in a specific area abroad, it’s up to you to understand the selling points of the region. Its climate, amenities, popularity with tourists and opportunities for investment are all parts of the essential knowledge required. The relevant information depends on understanding the goals of the customer. A customer who wants to buy a villa to retire to, or holiday in, is going to want different information to a customer who is looking to start or grow an investment. The modern, customer focussed estate agent also needs to be well versed in every aspect of the buying process, and both willing and able to offer the customer approachable help and advice through every step of the process. This could take the form of advising on essential documentation necessary to buy abroad, advice on local building code and regulations, as well as an overview of the financial state of the region if the property is for investment.

Versatility Is Always the Goal

Simply put, the modern real estate agent cannot be content to be tied to their local area if they’re going to appeal to an ever growing part of the population who are seeking to purchase a second property abroad. A good estate agent will be a “one stop shop” for all a potential customer’s needs and advice requirements, offering sound and accessible understanding for what can be a daunting prospect to many. Know the customer, know their needs, know their situation, and know their goals – with this information an attentive estate agent can make the process of buying a second property abroad easy and streamlined, which will guarantee that all important customer satisfaction.


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