What to Consider When Arranging Pallet Deliveries to a Construction Site


There are all sorts of reasons for requiring pallet deliveries to a construction site. It could be for moving large appliances such as air conditioning units ready for installation or smaller items but in large quantities, like floor tiles or anything else. Arranging pallet delivery to a construction site isn’t as simple as ordering an item from Amazon though, there are extra considerations you must take to ensure the whole process runs smoothly. When you’re ordering pallets to be sent to a construction site, these are some of the main things to think about.


Pallet deliveries are large and sometimes awkward, delivered on lorries that may struggle to get to certain locations. Of course, they should be arranged depending on the working hours of the construction site so there’s someone there to let them in. Yet also you need to make sure there are enough people present to help unload and move any pallets, which is why organising delivery too early or late in the day is inadvisable. Plus, during rush hour these vehicles may find it harder to deliver so more towards the middle of the day could be best.


Depending on the delivery service you use, they will likely charge based on the size and weight of your pallet deliveries. This means it can be more cost effective in some cases to arrange for more items to be delivered together or order in bulk. On the other hand, if you only need a small amount then it can be worth looking at options for a smaller pallet or crate to save on delivery costs.


One of the main ways deliveries can get held up is by getting stuck on route or being unable to access the construction site. There are many stories of lorry drivers following sat-navs and getting lost or stuck. If your construction site is hard to access or surrounded by narrow, country lanes, inform the delivery company of this before they set off to avoid such issues.


Finally, price will be a major factor in deciding what pallet delivery company to use. Depending on what you are getting delivered and where from, it may even be tempting to collect yourself if it’s fairly local. Otherwise, be sure to compare all the options available and maybe even negotiate to secure the best possible deal.

Before you arrange pallet delivery to your construction site make sure you’ve checked off all of these important considerations for a successful experience.


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