Our homes are currently undergoing some important and exciting changes. The digital revolution is sweeping through them like a wildfire and the result is homes that are smarter, more efficient that don’t leave us to do all the hard work. With that in mind, here we investigate connectivity in the home.

Broadband Connections

The story starts with our broadband connections. Broadband is getting faster and the ways it is being used in the home is becoming increasingly sophisticated. No longer do we have a single device hardwired to the internet we have hubs that allow us to use multiple devices from any room in the home that we choose.

There has been great progress in terms of how we set up wireless internet hubs, wireless power outlets for instance mean that there is a network of hubs throughout our living spaces and thus the signal is more consistent. And our internet hubs now also offer us the opportunity to connect appliances and other household items using the internet of things.

The Internet of Things

It is estimated that by 2020 there will be around 20 billion connected devices worldwide and that includes many of the appliances we have in our homes. Our heating systems, for example, will be connected to the internet, where they can be programmed, controlled and made to work more efficiently – so too the lighting. Our fridges will be able to regulate themselves and send messages to us. There are several ways in which all this technology will be controlled, such as our smartphones or tablets. The most interesting notion, however, is that of being able to control things using voice recognition and artificial intelligence.

Alexa Switch on the Lights

Devices like the Amazon Echo highlight just how far technology has come in terms of voice recognition and artificial intelligence, but there is so much more to come. The technology has almost limitless applications – imagine being able to run a bath by just using a simple vice command or locking all the windows and doors before retiring to bed.

Future Proofing Your Home

For those who own their own homes, keeping a close eye on the ways we can apply connectivity in them is becoming paramount and helps when it comes to future proofing the property, adding value and ultimately saving money and protecting the environment.

For those who are looking to buy a property the message is simple, think smart and invest in a smart home.