Facilities Which Should Be Provided To Workers Living In Company Accommodation


Rising land price over the last few years has added a positive inertia to the development of townships and residential complexes in the major cities and metros around the globe. These vertical residences which are often offered by companies and factories to their employees and workers are taking the place of a lucrative alternative in congested living situations. The high-quality amenities offered by these apartments to its residents also serve as another important factor adding to its demand. Today we shall take a look at the best amenities which are provided by the housing accommodations to its residents.


  • Spacious building designs which facilitate multilevel vehicle parking are much favored. Reserved parking space for guests is another practical requirement which should not be missed.
  • Adequate space should be available for conducting business and social gatherings such as a multipurpose or community hall. Some other conveniences which you need to look out for are pre-planned vehicle-free plazas, green rooms for relaxation and well-planned building layout paving the way for maximum access to scenic landscapes and natural light.
  • Our hectic lives filled with stress pertaining to both work and personal lives making it essential to engage in sports and recreation activities for maintaining a proper balance. Gliding in the skating rink or opting for a quick game of table tennis can do miracles in rejuvenating your soul. A multipurpose court or sports arena can include indoor games such as fuss-ball, carom, squash, pool and a large number of other options. Outdoor recreational provisions in the backyard sport court can include basketball, football, badminton, cricket, etc. A hobby room or amphitheater can serve as pure bliss for the residents who wish to engage in cultural activities such as theatre, singing, dancing or poetry. If you are a voracious reader, then make sure that a reading room or library facility is there in the accommodation provided by your company. Coupled with such recreational facilities, you can easily discover the finer side of life amidst the rat race of maintaining your supremacy both at work and play.
  • Can anything be more convenient than purchasing the items of your daily needs from the departmental store which is located just around the corner? We bet not, and that is why it is essential to ensure if the accommodation has a departmental store to cater to your requirements round the clock.
  • The additional value might be added with the presence of provisions for car washing, energy-efficient lobby lights, solar panels to ensure running hot water, etc.
  • Health conscious buyers are bound to look for swimming pools, yoga centers, meditation spaces, spa, cycling and jogging tracks and shaded walkways while moving in an accommodation provided by their company. These amenities can have a tranquilizing effect on our tired and stressed mind by helping us be at peace with our surroundings.
  • Families having small children will be on the lookout for amenities such as sandpit areas, toddler play areas, kid’s swimming pools, etc. in the complex. Real estate experts, however, advise families having kids or infants to look beyond the boundaries of the complex as well. They need to ensure if adequate schools, day-care centers, colleges, and hospitals are present in the vicinity.
  • If you have some senior citizens in your family, then make sure that your housing complex has structural aids for the elderly such as benches and ramps. Easy accessibility to healthcare facilities also becomes a topmost priority in such cases such as the presence of a medical section in the department store within your complex.


A modern apartment ensures that the buildings don’t share walls so that you can make the most of your privacy without sacrificing on the important aspects of ventilation and free air flow. Also, make sure that your building has adequate power backup so that you don’t have to take the stairs in the case of a power failure.


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