Listing General Construction Injuries That You Need to be Aware of


There is a constant need for the construction of infrastructure. However, there are numerous kinds of hazards associated with the building work. The prominent among them is injuries to the workers working at the construction site. Recently, the injuries and illness endured by the employees working at the site has increased. There are multiple reasons this. To know the causes and the legal remedies for it, you need to know the kinds of construction injuries.

Few prominent types of injuries likely to occur in construction sites:

  • Falls – This is one of the most common mishaps that can occur on building sites. It can be falling of heavy equipment from great heights or of people falling. People working on the site will always face the risk of falling from cranes, lifts, ladders, roofs or from the floors of the building. If injured, you can claim the compensation from your employer legally. The falling objects have great chances of hitting any person working there. Thus, the employer needs to provide safety equipment like helmets and jackets to the workers.
  • Equipment related accidents -Sometimes some devices or machines stop working resulting in grave accidents. Even if a forklift could malfunction or nail gun misfires, there are chances of people getting hurt. In such incidents, you can get compensation in terms of ‘product liability’. The person or company responsible for the equipment supply need to pay fine or compensation amount.
  • Can be crushed under – Often there are incidents happening on construction sites where working people get crushed due to failure of the lift. Accidents happen when heavy vehicles run over the working labors due to some reason. Sometimes unfortunately they get crushed between concrete walls and heavy locomotive vehicles. There are chances of the collapse of walls leading to massive disaster as people get crushed under the collapsed structure. Negligence at the building site leads to such incidents. The victims can claim compensation as it is a legal crime and the person directly involved in the happenings of the incidents can even be sent to the jail.
  • Fire and explosions: Leaking pipes, wires hanging out exposed to rain, storage of explosive chemicals and even leaving behind flammable materials leads to explosion. Unluckily if a person working on the site gets seriously injured, he can claim huge compensation.

People working in the building grounds are subject to unhealthy conditions leading to illness like rise in blood pressure, respiratory disorders, partial deafness due to hearing loud noise constantly, skin infection, red eyes and body ache.

If you are victim of such dreadful incidents, it will be helpful to contact expert construction accident attorney. The legal advisor will help you to get the compensation amount and prepare all the legal documents to produce in the court to protect your rights legally.

One should be careful about the construction site owner, contractors of any division, the manufacturers or suppliers of equipment for providing faulty machines, as well as engineers and architects. To know the rules about the lawsuits, gain compensation and to know ways used to save yourself while working on dangerous construction & worksites log on to informative web links.


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