Network Rail Makes it Easier to Work with Third Parties


Network Rail has been reviewing and amending its standards, practices and approach to risk management governing how it works with other organisations wishing to build on or near the railway. When working with Network Rail, third parties can expect to see better working practices, streamlined and consistent processes, and a slicker, less bureaucratic structure under a more consistent framework.

A national ASPRO framework has been produced and is in the process of being rolled out across the business. This will support in driving a consistent and transparent approach for third parties working with Network Rail, meaning there will be clearly defined processes, working practices, responsibilities and contacts right across the business.

Moreover, in order to raise the professional competency, assurance and drive consistency within Network Rail’s route ASPRO teams, a new role has been created. Mona Sihota has been appointed at the new national professional head of ASPRO, bringing nearly 30 years of railway experience spanning design, construction and asset management. This new role has been created at each of their eight geographic routes, with the positions in the process of being recruited.

“The path to changing the culture and behaviours of a large organisation such as Network Rail will take time, however we are committed to becoming open for business and the journey has begun. We’ve published our high-level national framework and have begun drafting the processes and procedures to support the variety of external party projects we will engage with. In addition, we’ve produced our national policy around ASPRO so that we maintain line of sight to our national ASPRO objectives,” said Mona Sihota.

Network Rail has worked with and consulted AMEY in a special advisory capacity to formulate ASPRO service levels by which other organisations can hold them to account. By having service levels in place, third party promoters of projects on the railway can know what to expect from Network Rail’s service and when to expect it by.

The changes being implemented to Network Rail’s ASPRO organisation mark the culmination of a year-long project, being part of a much wider business transformation. A new streamlined approach to ASPRO was proposed, along with a new structure and improved high-level ASPRO framework, all of which the Anglia route volunteered to trial, testing much slicker, less bureaucratic and easier to implement ASPRO processes.


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