One of Canary Wharf’s spectacular high-rises, 20 Canada Square was subject to a crucial ceiling refurbishment by specialists SAS International. With 12 floors of commercial office space offering panoramic views of London’s financial district, the building’s contemporary finish optimises plenty of natural daylight from every angle. SAS has been a major supplier to the Canary Wharf vicinity since 1995, so the client, Brookfield Properties, desired SAS’ most sought-after and latest product to feature in 20 Canada Square’s new ceiling installation, SAS330i.

In order to maintain its sleek interior and exterior, refurbishments are integral to the building’s overall aesthetic. SAS worked with the client to develop a unique ceiling containing fully integrated LED lighting. SAS ensures that all ceiling designs are built for the long-term; therefore, the new SAS330i system was installed alongside other large areas of SAS330 ceilings.

SAS330i offers integrated lit c-profiles to enhance light throughout the floor. Other characteristics of the ceiling design include the floating edge trim TCA0862, which lightens the room even though the ceiling is enclosed in large floating islands. Overall, the ceiling generates buoyancy and brightness to increase the room’s impact whilst remaining efficient and practical.

As this was a renovation of a post-modern building, there were certain challenges to overcome. The building’s complex floor plate contained curved corners and two large atriums, meaning SAS had to supply a combination of double and single lighting modules to create floating ceilings of different sizes. Although this added to the process, it ensured that every profile in each SAS330i ceiling fitted perfectly and was lit without any inconvenience.

Other additions to the ceiling included the following: each 3m length of light was furnished with two DALI dimmable drivers to enable daylight energy saving where required. PIR sensors were installed to ensure energy is saved when the space is unoccupied, and plain c-profiles created a central service zone in order for integrated sprinkler systems to be allotted in the future.

The 20 Canada Square refurbishment signifies SAS’ ability to meet the project’s aesthetic and performance requirements as well as showcasing how the company goes above and beyond to ensure clients’ expectations are exceeded.


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