New Road to Be Delivered in Hartlepool


The Tees Valley Combined Authority has announced the delivery of a vital new road in Hartlepool. At a meeting of the Combined Authority Cabinet, members agreed to invest the cash into the £18 million scheme for Hartlepool’s Western Growth Corridor, which will provide an extra route into town and unlock land for housing development.

The town’s Local Plan has set out the building of around 1,500 new homes, which is also leveraging at least £200 million in private sector investment into homes, infrastructure and facilities.

“The new road, which is a key part of our Local Plan, will play a vital part in the continued growth and prosperity of the borough and unlock land for housing development. It will also substantially reduce traffic through Elwick and help to improve road safety,” said Councillor Christopher Akers-Belcher, leader of Hartlepool Borough Council and Cabinet Member for the Combined Authority.

Hartlepool currently has only two main rod routed in and out of the town for the A19. The new road proposals would create a bypass for the village of Elwick and deliver an upgrade to the current Elwick North junction to the A19, in order to give a third route into Hartlepool.

The funding from the Authority is set to be delivered from 2019 to 2021 and it is joined by an investment of £9.65 million from Hartlepool Borough Council. The Combined Authority will also work alongside Homes England to secure a further £4.18 million funding to drive the scheme forward.

“This funding shows we are fully committed to this new road, which will unlock new, good-quality, affordable homes and vitally, make getting around safer, quicker and easier for years to come,” said Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen. “There’s huge change happening in Hartlepool where we’ve already invested £4 million for CCAD’s new campus and £5 million to revamp Church Street – but there’s so much more to do. The new bypass for Elwick is just another example of how we’re delivering for the people of Hartlepool.”


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