What Advantages Do Logistics Industries Get from Emerging Technologies?


No matter where you are in the world, one of the most important parts of economic systems is competition. It pushes the industry forward, stimulating companies to improve their services in order to get ahead of others. It also opens a healthy way of income distribution. These days, the main way to obtain a competitive advantage is to embed a new innovative technology into the production.

Here the logistics industry is no different from any other. Nowadays, you will not get ahead of your competitors just by finding better ways or buying faster cars. To gain an advantage, you need to apply more innovative approaches. A survey shows that most game-changing technologies are new and less common. But which competitive advantages exactly do these innovations give you?

It also opens a healthy way of income distribution. These days, the main way to obtain competitive advantages is to embed a new innovative technology into the production.

Technologies that are expected to be game-changing for the logistics industry. Source 

Reliable Security

Security has always been a pressing issue for the logistics industry. Now people are interested in increasing surveillance by physical means as well as by means of embedding advanced technology. Blockchain, one of the most common information technology branches right now, is said to be a major instrument to be practiced in both physical and cyber security.

Reduced Delivery Time

Company automation allows minimizing the presence of employees at different stages of the delivery process. The possibility of a human mistake is minimized as well. Thus, the involvement of these technologies decreases the time needed to process and deliver each separate order and increases the accuracy of orders.

Enhanced Customer Experience

The customer experience is about placing an order and waiting for its completion. By using the Internet of Things (IoT), companies are able to supply more accurate tracking information. This means that clients can be follow the location of their parcel anytime. It also gives them the possibility to plan their day according to the more precise delivery information.

Transparent Process

Automated process means that the information about it can be digitized. This enables the company to know about everything that is going on with the user’s order. It opens the door towards a more understanding and trusting relationship between company and customer -. exactly the kind of relationship that has a good chance to grow into a long-lasting one.

Cheaper Order Cost

Considering everything mentioned above, it seems like technology can increase the number of orders due to the improvement in their handling. But what about the price of each order? Well, the more effective overall processes and the minimization of errors leads to a decrease in the average order handling cost, which means more financial gain for you.


Using advanced technologies is a perfect way of growing for any business. Nevertheless, the task can turn out to be not quite so simple unless you’re an expert in the IT branch. But with the help of professionals like Artelogic you can be sure that the process of custom logistics software development and embedding will run smoothly.


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