Could a ‘we buy any house’ style sale be the answer to part exchange woes?


Property part exchange is a great sales incentive for those interested in buying a new build property, but it can be both costly and inconvenient for site developers.  Now, the UK’s largest and original cash home buyer, Quick Move Now, is suggesting that a ‘we buy any house’ style sale could be the answer for both the purchaser and the developer.

It is often said that moving house is one of the most stressful things a person will ever do.  This stress may be compounded by a difficulty in trying to coordinate the sale of an existing property and a completion date for the new property.

Danny Luke, Quick Move Now’s managing director, explains: “We have been purchasing properties directly from their owners for more than 20 years, so we have a great deal of experience working with homeowners in a wide variety of circumstances.

“One of the scenarios that comes up time and time again is the purchase of a new build property.  At the point of reserving a property, they will be given an estimate of when their new property will be completed and ready to move into.  However, as many of our previous customers have experienced, that date is not set in stone and can often be pushed back by several months.  For this reason, it can be incredibly challenging for those buying a new build property to sell their existing property on the open market, timing the sale to tie in with the completion of their new home.  If they start trying to find a buyer too early, they risk losing their buyer if the completion of their new property is held up; leave it too late and they risk not being able to find a buyer in time.

“A guaranteed sale to a cash home buying company like Quick Move Now can offer a real solution to this challenge.  Once we have agreed to purchase their property, we can complete the sale on a date to suit them.  We have previously purchased properties from owners in as little as just seven days.

“Property owners can set the sale up in advance, and then simply give us their chosen date for the sale to go through once they have a confirmed date from the developer of their new home.

“By pointing customers to a professional home buyer like Quick Move Now – who can offer a guaranteed sale on a date to suit the homeowner – new build developers can offer their customers all of the convenience of a property part exchange, but without any of the financial commitment of offering their own part exchange scheme. ”


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